Overflow with Hope!

As autumn approached and frost threatened our garden’s beauty, my husband decided we should keep a red geranium inside instead of tossing it, “Why throw out a living plant?” he insisted.  It was a bit overgrown, the soil level was low and the wire hanger bent so I was ready to pitch it! Michael cared for our nearly orphaned hanging basket and nurtured it throughout the long winter. It started to bloom again.

We hung it outside as soon as the weather permitted. I enjoyed seeing it from our kitchen windows. A splash of color was a welcomed change but it was soon limp and dropped its flowers. I called to Michael who was in the next room, “Hey, I’m not sure the geranium is going to survive!”

The once full green leaves turned pinkish-mauve and began drooping the way a scolded child hangs its head. There were NO signs of red petal heads budding or blooming.

“Look at this sick looking plant! I don’t think it is going to make it, but I hope it does!”  I said to a friend and explained how Michael diligently cared for it over the winter. She glanced at it and replied, “It’s probably in shock now but it may bounce back. Give it some time.”

How long, I wondered? It was an eye sore. Yuck! I secretly still wanted to throw it away because then I could buy a lush new one at the local green house to replace it.

When I planted other flowers, I decided to add soil to the geranium. I pruned it back because it was quite pathetic and sparse. I began to see some improvement as I watered and clipped its leaves. It took some time, but it sprang back to life. Abundant life!

Now I call it our hope geranium. I hoped it would grow, but I’ll admit I had serious doubts along the way. I just counted over 34 brilliant red blooms. Stunning, full, bursts of color, beautiful like the ones for sale at a greenhouse. I’ve witnessed this revitalization first hand. This is the most blooms I’ve ever seen on a hanging plant. Seriously!

Hope is powerful. In what other areas of my life do I need hope? I have a particular relationship that needs restoration. So I trust God and hope that. IMG_5975I do wonder, “How long will it take?” This “Hope” geranium is a visual reminder and encouragement to me to hang on to hope.  I hope this blooming red geranium is a sign of hope for you too.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

For what are you hoping? Are you beginning to doubt? Are you a bit discouraged?