“I Wasn’t Expecting That!” Surprise!

“What are you planning to do today, babe?” my husband asked.

I shrugged my shoulders and admitted, “I’m not really sure, who knows?”I kissed Michael goodbye and waved as he straddled his motorcycle and headed off to work.

I guess I’ll start with my walk before it gets too humid. As I dressed, the doorbell rang. Who could that be? “Coming!” I hollered. I completed dressing as I descended the stairs. I opened the door and out on my front step, before me stood this cutie pie just grinning!

Back in town for a brief visit, she had gone out for a quick run and decided to knock. We walked until our breathing was labored and ran until I called it quits. Wow! We certainly chatted up a storm! I’m so relational and I was grateful for her vulnerability and a window into her precious heart. I’m incredibly thankful for shared lives and for the surprises of God. I want Him to continue to surprise me and I desire to stay amazed at creation and the marvelous all around me.

Human nature has a way of turning the marvelous into ordinary. When was the last time you marveled at God? When is the last time you asked him to surprise you? I’ve been asking him for quite a while, “LORD, would you just surprise me today? Let me
see your goodness and let me be aware of it. If the surprise isn’t what I would naturally consider a “good” surprise, would you surprise me with your presence in it?

Here are just a few surprises of late and my honest reaction to them:

  • A young doe tentatively walked toward my deck while I was seated with a dear friend. BEAUTIFUL!
  • A huge bouquet of fragrant peonies were given to me from a thoughtful friend. TOUCHED!
  • Five turkeys scurried across the sidewalk as I walked in my neighborhood. STARTLED!
  • Two cranes scavenged out in a field as we rode past on the motorcycle. DELIGHTED!
  • A couple of bunnies chased and played tirelessly in my backyard. One jumped at least three feet in the air, flipped like a gymnast, and landed gracefully. IMPRESSED!
  • God changed the weather conditions dramatically, wedding ceremony went off without a hitch with participants and guests protected. THANKFUL!
  • A precious friend got engaged. STUNNED!
  • Invited to travel along with a dear friend on a shopping excursion. GLEEFUL!
  • I received a phone call during an outdoor wedding ceremony.  SLIGHTLY EMBARRASSED!
  • My reaction to an unkind and undeserved response. PAINFUL!
  • I opened my eyes during the waxing of my eyebrows.(This after being told, “Close, please”) My eyelashes stuck to the wax! Crud! I came to have a few eyebrow hairs removed. I SURE didn’t expect to walk away without any eyelashes… she rescued me.  PANICKED! CHASTISED!  MORTIFIED!
  • Sudden news of a close friend’s house sold and immediate move. JOYFUL-TEARFUL! 
  • Timely tender text messages received early in the morning. ENCOURAGED!
  • Phone rang. Trusted friend without normal greeting said, “Oh, honey I’m so sorry!” HEALING BALM!
  • I rolled down the windows in my car to enjoy the warmth of the day, but when I attempted to put them up again, one wouldn’t go to the fully raised position. Next, I heard a disturbing CLUNK!   I rolled the window back down, but it wouldn’t go back up at all! YIKES!
  • Vintage heirloom bracelet from my recently deceased Mother-in-law, broke at the beginning of a wedding ceremony. SURPRISED! SADDENED!
  • Reconnection with the dear cousin. OVERJOYED! CHALLENGED!
  • My husband researched how to fix the car window, took it apart, found the broken part,  ordered the needed part on-line,  fixed the window himself and saved us a bundle of money.  THANKFUL! AMAZED! IN LOVE!  
  • Purchased plants and flowers for my garden. Gentleman gave me one for free. GRATEFUL!
  • Bunny rabbits mated in my backyard. PERPLEXED!
  • Neighbor’s cat in my yard, chased a ground squirrel in a game of “Cat and Mouse,” caught it and had some lunch. AMUSED! GLAD!
  • Someone wanted an item I’ve been trying to donate for years and will even come collect it. RELIEVED!
  • A few pounds accumulated on my body over the winter. SURPRISED! DISGUSTED! BUMMED!
  • Double rainbow near my sister’s farm-house.  IN AWE! AMAZED AT GOD! Double Rainbow - Iowa

Have you marveled at God recently? So when was the last time you asked God to surprise you? Have you ever asked?  You’ll probably be surprised!

Share something you’ve been surprised by lately or something you have marveled at recently. Include your reaction too if you’d like. 

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