Mortified or Hilarious?

I’ve got a story for you. Okay, the truth is I’ve always got a story. Usually, there’s a bit of background too. So let me provide the background now. Over a year ago I went to a speaking engagement and brought a friend, Jeanne with me as my assistant.

I was so excited! Once she arrived, we loaded all my weekend speaking paraphernalia, guitar and suitcase in her car. It was spring and I wore a linen tan/butter colored trenchcoat. My friend commented, “Hello dearie, you look so cute! ” I cocked my head slightly as I tightened my linen belt and replied, “Aw, thank you!”

We had a ball as we traveled we chatted the entire way. During a brief pause in our conversation, we noticed an odd sound coming from outside her car.

Jeanne questioned, “You don’t have anything outside the car do you?”

I thought it a bit odd, (what’s she talking about…me?) “No, not me!”

It was a bit rainy and we couldn’t figure out what in the world the noise could be. We traveled a little farther then decided we’d better try to figure it out. “Why don’t you pull over onto the shoulder and I’ll see what’s up,” I suggested.

As I exited the vehicle I expected to see her wheel’s hub cap dangling, a piece of side trim loose or something wrong with a tire.

The minute I open my passenger’s door, it was obvious to detect. The belt from my trenchcoat had been flapping outside. My linen belt had acted like a shammy skin as it flapped against the back door and cleaned the section within its reach. My once light yellow belt was now quiet gray.

I hopped back in the car and we merged back onto the highway. We were both grateful that there was no major car problem.

Oh how we guffawed about of my cluelessness.

So that’s the prior background… Now to the continuation of the story. Both of my friend Jeanne and I planned to attend the same conference a few weeks ago. Excitedly, I got all dolled up and quickly thought through an appropriate summer outfit. I had on black linen pants, a black sleeveless collared shirt and a black floor length vest. I really loved my outfit. It was monochromatic, simple yet classy.

I went to pick up my friend Jeannie, the same friend who I was with the day of the belt’s demise. It was a rainy August morning I honked when I was in her driveway relieved to not have to go ring her doorbell in the rain.

We drove the fifteen minutes and reached our destination without any issues. I parked my car and got out of my vehicle. Immediately, I felt a slap against both of my lower calf muscles. I looked down and my crocheted floor length vest was attached to my black pants.

I bent down and realized it was soaking wet. Three quarters of my vest had been stuck outside the car door trailing along on the highway the entire route.

It was soggy and had some grass in it. It was gross! So I gathered it up and decided to wring it out.

Jeanne and I cracked up because once again a piece of my wardrobe had ridden outside the vehicle. I turned and saw her leaned against my car laughing so hard.  Just then I saw a beautiful women exiting her car and she walked across the parking lot in front of us. She was dressed very well with a knit long vest too. I turned to Jeanne and said, “She looks so beautiful! Does she know you’re supposed to dip your vest in traffic before you go to the conference?

As the friendly greeters welcomed us, a kind man, Tim extended his hand and I shook it with bits of sand and grit residue on mine.

I could have just never mentioned it again. But that’s not me!

Once I entered the conference I told the people that I met all about the debacle of my black vest hanging out during my car ride.

Wardrobe malfunctions can be mortifying or hilarious depending on your viewpoint, I decided I would find mine entertaining.

I decided I’d share this with you today. I’m not really sure there’s a point to the story. Maybe pride goes before a fall. Or a joyful heart is good medicine. I mean I laughed so hard it was as if I were medicated.

The truth is the vest finally dried by about 10 o’clock that morning. Overall I had a great day filled with laughter.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  – Proverbs 17:22 NIV


One comment

  1. Cheryl Leach · September 3, 2017

    That’s very funny and sounds like something that could have very well happened to me! I was at that conference and that was a very classy outfit! The wetness (& most likely dirt) didn’t even show up on the black!


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