Where could they be?

“Honey, have you seen my sunglasses?” I asked reluctantly one December day.

“No. Which ones?” my husband inquired.

“My, Revo’s! I can’t find them anywhere. I’m just sick about it.  The weird thing is I have the case, but it’s empty.” I reported.

I closed my eyes and thought about when I had last seen them.  I pictured my Bible and a pair of red mittens with my REVOS sitting on top, the way a cherry sits on top of the whipped cream on a hot fudge sundae.

That was my last recollection of them. So I said, “Michael, I do remember having them at church. They were with my Bible and mittens in the pew.” I told him.

Days and weeks past and I searched, like a mad man, through everything to find them: coats, purses, both cars and their glove boxes. But none of my searching produced the lost sunglasses. I even stopped at church to check the lost and found for a few weeks.


Like many of my stories, there is a back story here. TRUE CONFESSION- I’ve had, in the past, a habit of misplacing or losing my sunglasses. Many years ago, probably 25, my husband bought me this pair of Revo sunglasses when we were shopping in Chicago. They were expensive. At least in my view they were. I mean they weren’t from a dollar store, a gas station, a womans’ fashion store or boutique.

When Michael bought them for me he looked me in the eyes and in a very particular way, he said, “Rachel, don’t lose these!” It wasn’t that he didn’t love and trust me. (He probably didn’t trust me) Anyway, I know he didn’t say it to shame me. He never said, “Listen woman, you better not lose these!”

Nevertheless, the way he said it, coupled with the way he looked directly at me, made me accept the challenge seriously. I’m NOT going to lose these sunglasses. I am not!

I’ve kept track of those sunglasses for years! I really loved them and they can’t be replaced on-line. So, naturally I was pretty bummed and upset about losing them.

The longer they were missing, the more I grew sick about it. I journaled about the loss. During one of my prayer times I shouted, “I WANT MY REVOS BACK!” It was the oddest scream-type prayer. “God would you reveal them to me? If they were stolen, have the thief be as sick as I am and return them! You can do this God. I WANT MY REVOS BACK!”


On Sunday night, January 14, 2018 I went to a prayer gathering. I pulled into the parking lot and parked my car. I decided to take my snow scraper in with me because snow had begun to fall. I reached behind my seat to grab the snow scraper, I don’t feel it. 

I raised myself up a bit in my seat to make sure the scraper wasn’t in the car. Then I  reached all the way behind the driver’s seat with my right arm extended and felt around for it a bit.

With my head swiveled is far as it could go, I peeked behind to the backseat floor mat. There, delicately placed in folded and in an upright position, sat my Revo sunglasses! What? Oh, my word!  I”ve found my sunglasses. Thank you Lord! Just in time for my Florida vacation. You are so good God!

The truly miraculous part was that just a week before we had taken a road trip to Iowa. My husband and I in the front seat, son and daughter-in-love in the back. All four of us were in our relatively small car. We traded seats half way through the trip and shifted our things too. So if they were there someone would have noticed.

Plus, we had all sorts of stuff down by our feet: backpacks, laptop bags, snacks and water bottles. If my sunglasses had been there they would have been completely crushed. At one pit stop, in frustration and as a release, I even bought a new pair of sunglasses.  Upon our return, I cleaned out the car. So this was amazing!




Back to the night of the prayer meeting and the snow scraper. I immediately sent a text to my family members because I was so thankful and wanted them to know I had found my REVO sunglasses.

Group text message: I found my Revos sunglasses! I know God delivered them to me. They were in the back of the CC on the floor! That’s the car we recently took to Iowa and all of our bags and laptops were at our feet. I’m soooooooo excited and wanted you all to know I found them!

Whether or not you believe God transported my sunglasses to the backseat or not, doesn’t really matter to me. I know full well my heart was opened to a very personal God who cares about every little detail of my life. He hears my prayers. He hears yours too.

I heard a pastor say once, “If it concerns you, it concerns God.” My heart was touched and ready to receive from Him that snowy January night. Later one member gave a word of knowledge. The word pierced my heart in a very personal and much-needed place. I believe the recovered sunglasses opened me up for a personal deposit from the LORD.


The Parable of the Lost Coin
 “Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Doesn’t she light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.’ In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:8-10


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