Pick and Save

I’ve had a radical change of habits. “What’s changed?” you may ask.  I’d answer, “I’m frequently walking with a dog!” It has become a norm for me because my friend Jeanne and I walk regularly and she brings her precious and friendly dog Gabe along. (Gabe recently had his 12th birthday. Happy Birthday Gabe!)

I’ve noticed something about Gabe’s behavior when he needs to go poop. This playful  golden retriever will sniff around for a while. Then he’ll circle around and around, chasing his tail a few times and vacillates back and forth, while his head swings left and right. Finally, he sort of marches up and down until he finds a place suitable to “do his business.”

The weather has changed recently here. It’s actually become balmy.  It was in the upper 50’s° the other day. Yay! Spring is on it’s way. It is no longer all snowy and white outside.


The snow has become icy like pellets of ice so when Gabe does his famous bathroom dance the trampled snow makes crunch crunch sounds. When the noise stops, it’s a signal that Gabe’s about to poop.

This poop march, coupled with the response of my friend, Jeanne is like a well choreographed dance. After Gabe squats to poop and finishes, Jeanne removes a plastic bag from her right coat pocket. Swish. She places the bag over her hand for protection,  claws up the dog poop, inverts the bag and ties a knot in the plastic bag in one fluid motion and we all go on our merry way.

Recently, I noticed she used a tan plastic bag from our local grocery store called Pick-n-Save. The green store logo was written on the bag as clear as could be.  As I witnessed Jeanne’s poop removal skills in operation I laughed, “Well now, that gives a whole new meaning to PICK-N-SAVE.”

Jeanne gazed directly into my eyes, puzzled and asked, “What?”

I repeated, “That gives a whole new meaning to Pick-n-Save. Get it? You gotta pick up the poop and save it until you get home to throw it away.” She marched forward, the poop sack dangling from her right hand and swinging like a pendulum. 

“Oh, Rachel! You crack me up!” She said. “I will never think about Pick-n-Save the same way again.”

I slapped my leg laughing. I got to thinking about pick and save and my silly pun. I thought I was so clever in the moment. Honestly, there have been a few times on our walks when I am able to smell the poop even in the sealed bag.

I often say. “We’ve got to mind our minds and think about what we’re thinking about. Sometimes we have stinkin’ thinkin’. When it comes to our thoughts I have to ask myself and I ask you too, “What do we pick and save?”

Go ahead! Yes, do pick up things that are the things we should think about and save them safe in our minds. However, other things we need to not pick up at all.


Consider this verse from Philippians. It comes on the heels of Paul telling his listeners not to be anxious then he wraps up with this:

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”  Philippians 4:8 

So, let me ask you, what are you thinking about? I always say… “mind your mind and think about what you’re thinking about.” Have you picked up a poopy thought today or recently? Do you have stinkin’ thinkin’?  Let me implore you, DO NOT SAVE IT!

Remember…We don’t even need to pick up the poopy thoughts that come our way and try to enter our minds to pollute us, make us anxious or attempt to steal our joy. LEAVE THE POOP ALONE.  JUST LEAVE IT THERE.

The kind of thoughts we want to pick and save are the kind we should grab on to. Think about what God instructs us to dwell on. Let me encourage you to pick and save only things that are true, noble, right, lovely, admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about (“pick and save”) these things.

*I hope I’ve not offended you by the amount of times I’ve had to talk about 💩 in this post. But it is what it is. So there ya go! That’s my fresh perspective for everyday life.

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