Choice Overload!

I grabbed the car keys, my purse, sunglasses and bolted to the paint store to purchase my final selection of wall color before I changed my mind again. JUST GO GET ONE! 

The decision of selecting a paint color for the kitchen paralyzed me and indecision had become my friend.  I’d painted the kitchen cabinets early last summer, with the help of my honey, but now it was time for the walls.

Part of the problem of starting this project was I know painting the kitchen will cause a domino effect throughout the ENTIRE house. That’s a good thing of course, but it all requires decisions, time and resources as well.

“Well, our ceilings really need to be painted before we even begin with the walls Rachel.” My husband commented, “So let’s start there.”

“He excitedly climbed his new ladder and began to tackle the job. I love the way he attacks things and sticks to it. It was late at night when he began so he had to stop before he would have liked. More work is still required on that front.



I’d been mulling over the decision of color choice for a few weeks now.  In the most recent days I have kicked it into gear. I have:

  • Selected multiple color swatches
  • Solicited advice while attending the Home and Garden show.
  • Driven to a friend’s house to look at a color she recently used.
  • Received a partial paint container to “TRY IT OUT.”
  • Marked the backs of paint chips with notes.
  • Taped up colors on the cabinets and watched for changes throughout the day.
  • Asked for advice and polled colors used from my sister and multiple friends I trust.


Just this morning I called and dear  friend and said, “I need you to walk me off the ledge about something quite shallow compared to some of the things you deal with. I know this  is a first world problem, but I want your advice on a paint decision for my kitchen.”

“What cha thinking?” she asked.

” I know the rage is grey with white. But I’m pretty sure I want just a white. You know how ridiculous it is to select from the whites. It’s like choice overload, right?” I sighed.

“I’ve got a color that may work for you let me text you its name and brand when I get home. We need to talk later and just catch up.”

“I know, I really appreciate you taking my call to talk through this.” (She knows I’m a verbal processor and she listens well.) “Sounds good. Love you, Bye!” I hung up.

I have had more paint chips taped to my white cabinets in the last few days than I care to tell you about. My poor, patient husband, I’m sure he didn’t know what to do with me. I would ask, “Hey, honey look over here. What do you think about this color?” Then I’d run over to a different area in the room with the same color for point of reference and comparison. “How about in this light, do you like it?” I’d ask.

” Mmm, too dark.” He’d chime in.

I’d then whip out another chip and compare it. “How ’bout this one? I really like this BUUUUUT it’s a little blush colored. Maybe this one? Is it a little too blue? Here, now this one has warmer undertones. Nah, it will to end up looking a little yellow, I think.”

Michael smiled at me, probably thinking,  JUST CHOOSE ONE!

I stopped at a paint store and brought home even more choices of  grays and whites. I was glad I could rule out so many immediately as I stood in the kitchen.


After all that agonizing about a color… should it be gray, would beige look good? I’m not sure if I will paint the wood work yet.  I better make sure I like it either way. Trim painted or not! FINALLY,  I selected a paint color!

Will wonders ever cease?  Are you ready? Wait for it. It’s called CHALK DUST. Perhaps my past teaching days contributed in the color choice. I know you’d laugh if you saw it.

So after I made my decision, grabbed my stuff and drove to the hardware store, I waited patiently as my first gallon was shaken in the machine. The can was carefully pried open by the precious, helpful, young woman who assisted me. We both peered into the can as she released the lid to reveal the color. We looked at each other. Simultaneously we smiled then blurted out, “It’s…white!”

She bagged my paint tray liner and a couple of paint sticks, “It’s always a good idea to give it a stir! There you go,” She handed me the bag. “Have a good one!”

I drove straight to a Starbucks drive-through on my way home and I treated myself.

A voice came across on the speaker. “Welcome to Starbucks! What can I get for you?”

“Hi there, I’ll have a grande, decaf, coconut milk latte, with two packs of honey please.” I smiled at the menu board.

As if I thought the decision making process and having chosen a paint color was worthy of some sort of celebration, I sipped my coffee and drove away, pleased.


“Let the project begin!”

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3 NIV

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