Drawn Back to My Childhood.

I’ve had a lot on my mind today. I took a walk earlier this morning with a friend,yet my mind remained full. As thoughts seemed to loop, I decided to take a another walk to clear my head before dinner. I had only been gone about half an hour when I had this very random thought sneak in almost sideways. It was a thought that came from my early childhood. I was drawn back in time.

I could picture myself with my thin legs and boney knees tucked up under me, long, stick-straight light brown hair hanging down (Yes, I play with the color of my hair. It is usually blond now.) as my head was bowed in prayer. As a family we sat around our kitchen table which had a built-in booth like an “L” along the wall and corner with chair pulled up on the other sides.


Maybe it was because I was hungry and needed to get back home to make something to eat, but I began to think about a simple little prayer we used to recite in unison at my family’s dinner table. It goes like this: “God is great! God is good and we thank Him for our food. By His hand, we are fed. Give us God our daily bread. Amen.”

This childhood memory came out of nowhere. I just thought of that short, child-like prayer as I was walking along. Then, as I traversed my neighborhood, I began to say it aloud, “God is great! God is good and we thank Him for our food. By His hand, we are fed. Give us God our daily bread. Amen.”

As my feet hit the sidewalk in rhythm I repeated the prayer in separate smaller phrases:

  • God is great!
  • God is good!
  • &
  • We thank Him
  • For our food——
  • By His hand
  • We are fed
  • Give us God
  • Our daily bread

I was struck by thanking Him for more than just my food. So I began to thank Him for:

  • His love
  • My husband
  • My family
  • My friends
  • His faithfulness
  • My healthy body
  • Our neighborhood
  • His kindness to me
  • His tender mercies-new every morning
  • His goodness

My mind quickly zipped to the rest of the prayer I learn as a little pip-squeak. I was struck by the words “by His hand” I thought of how God’s hand does more than just provide food. Man, God your hand does so many things. You have such busy hands! So I continued to say aloud, “By your hand:”

  • We are fed
  • We are led
  • We are guided
  • We are protected
  • We are saved
  • We are defended
  • We are delivered
  • We are supported
  • We are comforted
  • We are upheld
  • We are sustained
  • We are blessed
  • We are rescued
  • We are kept from being snatched

The remaining part of the prayer says, “Give us God our daily bread, amen.”

I got to thinking about more than FOOD. How the word of God is daily bread, the bread of life! So I thanked him for His written word, the Bible. I thanked Him for His word spoken to me through so many ways:

  • Other People
  • Circumstances
  • Songs
  • Sermons
  • Creation


I believe the reason this childhood memory popped into my head is that no matter what happens in my life and how FULL my mind gets, I have settled the matter that God is great! God is good.

Scripture says that David strengthened himself in the Lord. I think just reciting this little prayer during my walk may have been how I’ve strengthened myself in the Lord.

I sure hope this reminder has strengthened you too.

The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made. Psalm 145:9