Out of the Norm

Often when I take my walk I’m all about how quickly I can get a mile in, or whether the subsequent miles are faster than my first ones but not today. Today, I kept stopping along the trail to take pictures of the sites it was absolutely fabulous.


  • Sun rising in clear cerulean blue sky.
  • Moon still making its appearance in its full  beauty. 
  • Redwinged blackbird
  • Canada goose and her two babies
  • Bird with a fish in its talons
  • Bicyclist 
  • Tiny child’s tennis shoe set on a park bench
  • Robins in the grasses and on the paths 
  • Green grass with what looked like scattered diamonds of dew as the sun struck each droplet.


  • Honking geese flying overhead 
  • Wind whistling in the trees 
  • Traffic and tires on the highway
  • Footsteps approaching from behind me as a runner passed by
  • “Good morning!” Greeting from a runner after I said, “Hello!”
  • Sniffles as I tried to keep my nose from running faster than the athletes near me. 
  • One older gentleman came toward me on the path. He said, “Good morning! Well, I hope the wind is your friend.”
  • To which I replied. “Yeah, I have so many clothes on and I kept adding to them even in the parking lot!”

Allow me to show you a few things I encountered on this beautiful, brisk, sunny, windy, morning’s walk.

My prayer for you today is that you would get out of your norm and busy schedule, enough to receive the Father‘s love for you. Remember, sometimes this love comes via your eye gate or your ear gate and most certainly through your heart’s gate!












Before the walk this was my morning greeting! A sign of His love a gorgeous God painting sunrise was the view from my sister’s home. 


Proclaiming your love in the morning and yiur faithfulness at night. Psalm 92:2












































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