A House of “Help Yourself”

During a recent conversation with my hostess for a summer intensive class I will be attending, she said, “Rachel, people who know me well, know my house is a house of help yourself!”

She was so gracious as we chatted and planned and I became more aware of how intimately God knows my every need. He’s been so kind. I was interested in attending these classes but never thought I could get a long enough break in my weekly, yearly rhythms to take them. But one day, as I scrolled through social media, I ran across a post about a summer intensive where the year long program could be accomplished in three weeks.

My interest was peaked, so I began to move forward. I had considered taking the courses through the on-line programs offered, but never moved forward because the thought of sitting in front of a computer didn’t appeal to me.

It must have been stored away for later retrieval because the day I scrolled through INSTAGRAM the post hit me enough to check it out more fully. God in his kindness knows how he made me, duh! He made me relational…very relational. So the thought of being in class with students opposed to on-line classes really interested me.

Hmm? Where is this summer intensive held? I wondered. I clicked to find out…But first, let me give you a bit of background about me. I am a woman who, like a coin has two sides…heads and tails, I have two sides to my way of operating and my personality. I like both an adventure and I like familiarity. You may think these two cannot exist. But here is how it played out.

I’ve only spoken once in the state my class will be held. It was maybe four and a half years ago. Often, I connect with people from locations where I speak. Obviously, I cannot keep in touch with everyone, yet sometimes we just CLICK with people, right? I call it collecting friends. The way my pant legs collect burrs when walking through the fields.

Well, as soon as this gal, named Lisa, prayed for me, I KNEW we’d be friends. I quickly snatched her up and asked her to be part of my ministry prayer team. She prayed and cheered for me as I wrote my first book, Lily Pads-Stories of God on Display. Lisa is the author of the book, Every Little Detail. Yep! She is one I’ve collected, a special friend from the church where I spoke and we have kept in touch over the years and distance.

When I clicked the INSTAGRAM post I was delighted… What? Seriously? This is crazy! I know that town, I’ve been there…I’ve spoken there!

Come to find out the school is located in the only Pennsylvanian town I have spoken in, the one from all those years earlier. A town just fifteen minutes from my friend Lisa’s house.

I was so excited! God knows I like adventure with familiar. I connected immediately with Lisa, my gem of a collected friend, and get this… I have the opportunity to stay in her home for the duration of my summer intensive.

I see God in every little detail, He’s ordered my steps and taken care to put me in a familiar place with a friend for this new adventure.

The process is well underway and these needs have already been provided:

  • Live classroom style learning
  • Dietary needs
  • Transportation
  • A dear friend
  • Housing

It’s not just any ole’ housing either, but the house of a friend in whom I delight. Numerous times we’ve both said, “When will you be able to visit me? We’ve gotta figure out how to spend more time together.” I’m excited to further develop our relationship and land in the house of “Help Yourself!”

About a week after I sent in my registration I found out I also know a missionary couple who will also be attending the summer intensive with me. It was one of those, “Golly, it’s a small world!” type things.

Can you see the hand of God in your life? Are you aware of how you’re being led? Do you have some unknowns? Do you need guidance? Here is a promises:

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Psalm 32:8 NIV

As I prepare to attend this summer intensive, I watch God continue to guide me and order my steps. I’m delighted to report He has been in “every little detail” and landed me in the home of a dear friend who has not only written a book called Every Little Detail, but informed me, “Rachel this is the ‘House of Help Yourself!'”