No Device Detected

I’m one of those who likes to manage my time well and be efficient. I have AirPods I wear in my ears when I am on a phone call with my cousin, one of my children, my sisters, my husband or even friends. I do this so that my hands are free and I’m able to do any number of tasks while still talking. 

Recently, I used my AirPods talking to a friend about the details of a bridal shower we are planning. She talked while I set things out on the counters, made a grocery list and washed a few of the serving dishes. It was helpful that I had my AirPods in but an important key when using this hands-free method is you need to be near the iPhone.

The funny thing is, I needed to go to the store so I went to my car and could still hear her but then I pulled out of my garage and made it most of the way down the driveway without realizing she cannot hear me nor could I hear her. 

My Bluetooth read…no device detected. “Oh, may sakes! I’m driving away!” I started giggling, put the car in park, ran inside the house and grabbed the phone I had left on the kitchen bar.
“Can you hear me now or have I lost you?”

“I can hear you now. But I lost you a while ago.” She said.
“You won’t believe what I just did!” I informed her, “I left my phone in the kitchen and drove away from my house. Completely losing my signal with you. Oh, my word!”

I got to thinking about this later and I realized it has a spiritual comparison as well. Often, we want to hear God and want to make sure He hears our prayers…funny thing is he is always near. How do you get away from the very one who inhabits you? So YES, He’s always with us, He’ll never leave us, will never forsake us but we are the ones that walk away either intentionally or out of apathy or laziness. Sometimes we wonder why we don’t feel close. He says draw near to me and I will draw near to you. Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. James 4:8a It’s a promise.

I don’t ask this as a shame statement, I just think it’s really true. So, are you close to God?  Are you walking away?  Or are you leaning in and getting close?  

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